10 Things I’m Grateful For Today #ThankfulThursday


After my weekly 12 hour workday on Thursday, I could easily just come home, throw myself onto my laundry-covered unmade bed, and call it a night. In fact, that was my routine for about a year straight. I’m happy that even though I’m gone 8:30am-8:30pm, I finally started to make time for things I thought impossible on a Thursday. Here are the things I’m thankful for today:

  1. Getting to my 10,000 step goal! I only hit this about once every couple weeks, which I really need to fix. Seeing that “Highly Active” always makes me giggle a little bit. Obviously this app wasn’t watching me laying in bed watching Canadian TV and pretending the ice cream I was shoving into my mouth was healthy because it’s made from coconut milk.


2. Having the energy to go for a sunset run with my boyfriend. Hell, just the fact that “run” is in my vocabulary. IMG_2440

3. That I came home to a clean house, because I sucked it up and cleaned earlier this week. Also, this room is about 15 degrees colder than the rest of the house which makes me even happier.IMG_2441

4. That my “office” is organized too. It’s an “office” because instead of actually working there I just go downstairs and gaze at it longingly for a bit before actually doing my writing at 11pm in bed while my boyfriend glares at me. Work hasn’t ever happened here.IMG_2442

5. This beautiful new dishwasher. During the intermittent failures of the previous dishwasher I was forced to hand wash dishes. I’m still having terrifying flashbacks. IMG_2443

6. The Sweet Pea plant my boyfriend got for my birthday is growing about an inch or two a day. It kind of creeps me out because the sprouts look like those weird eels on the ocean floor that chill out under the sand and then pop up and sway like seaweed. IMG_2437

7. Despite my long day I can come home and read a book I’ve been excited to read for a while. IMG_2436

8. And drink a lil bit (another lovely birthday present).IMG_2439

9. Repurposing tired leftovers into a vegetable noodle soup. I’ve never made soup before so we’ll see how this goes. Also it’s 90 degrees outside so why the hell did I make soup? You know what, just be happy that I’m cooking.IMG_2438

10. I submitted another application! Last one for a while, I think. $8 raise plus benefits here I come! Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 10.44.51 PM


All right I’m off to a sweltering slumber. If you’re reading this from the Minnesota metro area, be careful and don’t die in the heat this weekend. I’m going to be sleeping in a tent in 98 degree weather, so I might. Not excited.


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