6 Things that Made Me Happy this Week (#ThankfulThursday)

  1. On Father’s Day I thought I’d give my dad a gift he’d actually appreciate (and I had no money or idea what to get him and I even forgot to buy a card) and I started cleaning all of my crap out of my parents’ attic. Now, you can maybe only appreciate the true significance of this if you saw my parent’s attic. An episode of Hoarders is like the cute little kitten to this attic’s bloodthirsty, genetically modified, skyscraper-tall tiger. I will talk more about this experience, among other things, during a new series I’m starting this weekend centered around simplifying your life. I’ve found I really like talking about this stuff, so I’m going to do it more. Here’s some of the piles of stuff I’m donating (and I still have a big chunk of the attic to go through!):

DSC_3990 2DSC_3993 2

2. I’ve been listening to The Minimalists’ podcasts during my long drives to work. I love listening to this because it keeps me motivated to move toward the life I want to live. Some of the stuff gets repetitive after a while and if you took a shot every time they said the word “value,” you’d be dead, but it’s still worth a listen.


3. My #BookTalkTuesday book, which I didn’t get around to writing about, You CAN Buy Happiness (And it’s Cheap) by Tammy Strobel. I’ll just go into a mini book talk here.

Tammy Strobel started simplifying about a decade ago when she realized she wasn’t happy with her “successful” job. She and her husband moved slowly, initially downsizing to a smaller apartment, getting rid of one car, then both cars, moving into a smaller apartment, and eventually living in a tiny house. She started the blog “Rowdy Kittens” and now writes full time. This book was a quick read and another nice little reminder of the life I want for myself. Erik and I will be leaving our current residence soon. We rent from a friend here, and though it’s a duplex, it’s still too big of a house for us. We’re hoping to buy something this Fall quite a bit smaller. And if we can’t find something like that, we’re thinking of buying some land and  building our own little house (though certainly not as little as Tammy’s 128 square foot home).


4. My clean kitchen. A beautiful rarity. Please disregard the unfinished countertops and the fact that only one of the cabinets has a knob on it. I don’t know the reasoning behind any of this. I just eat (and on a rare occasion clean) there.


5. My garden has gotten OUT OF CONTROL. You see that Godzilla-like plant in the center, rising above the others and stealing all of their sunlight in an act of complete anarchy? For some reason when I bought the plants, I thought because cherry tomatoes are smaller, the plant would then be a smaller tomato plant. I am so hilariously stupid sometimes. Erik and I have to transplant that sucker before he takes over not only the garden, but probably the whole damn world. I feel like there’s a VeggieTales episode about this somewhere.


6. I had an interview on Monday for one of the jobs I applied for. I think it went fairly terrible. Interviews are not my skillset, as I mostly just sit there turning red while trying to scramble around for the answers that fell out of my head and ran screaming out of the room the second I walked in the door. I have another interview a week from today for a job I’m even more excited about, and I’m determined to do a lot better at that one. Fingers, toes, eyes, and stars crossed.


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